Our industrial partners


log_brl The BRL group
Regional planning services company for the Bas-Rhone and Languedoc territories: hydraulic development planning of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, water and environmental engineering
Jean-Michel Citeau
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“BRL, planner, designer and manager of large hydraulic infrastructures, interested in the definition of new methods and tools for calculating water impact, talking into account its different use, and in the analysis of the life cycle in the field of water (water transfer, irrigation programmes, etc…). Partner to the water division at a global level, for which I am the first to be appointed as Vice-President, we endeavoured to be associated with the Elsa-Pact chair and its pool of researchers and scientists, in order to evolve in these domains”.
The Société du Canal de Provence
Hydraulic planning in the Provence area, engineering and consultancy
Agata Sferratore
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As a planning company, the Société du Canal de Provence conducts investment projects for the hydraulic sector, for which it is to generate all information useful to decision-makers. The evaluation of the environmental impact of its activities, and the infrastructures to which they are associated, is a key issue. The SCP company therefore wishes to participate in the development of knowledge on the ecological impact of water services.”
SUEZ SUEZ environnement
Engineering, technologies for water and waste management
Pascal Dauthuille
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Improving the environmental impact of our infrastructures and services is our key commitment. LCA is an essential and relevant tool to support this commitment, as it enables us to develop innovative technologies suitable for our professions, and to best  manage our activities and our facilities, as they are integrated in their own territories. It is thus necessary to harmonize and standardize the LCA approaches by completing the existing database with, for instance, such data as the new emerging pollutants, to evaluate the impacts on biodiversity and to have a vision at the territorial level. The social LCA approach will moreover enable us to support our partners’ engagement. It is for all these reasons that SUEZ environment commited itself as the founding member of the ANR ELSA-PACT industrial chair”.


Our scientific partners

Irstea_(logo).svg Irstea
National Research Institute of Science and Technology for the Environment and Agriculture
Ralph Rosenbaum
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Irstea is a research institute under the supervision of the Ministry of Research and Agriculture.

Co-founder of Allenvi, alliance for the environment, Irstea aims to establish itself among the european leaders in research, most particularly technological and methodological, in the areas of technologies for the environment (water, waste…), technologies for agriculture (the reduction of impacts) and territorial planning.

Institut Carnot since 2016, being actively engaged in competitiveness clusters, supporting the transfer of technology, in particular through the creation of new innovative companies; Irstea recommends a partnership-based approach to provide concrete solutions beneficial to public and economic decision-making.

The theme concerned with environmental evaluation is a strong component in Irstea’s stratégic agenda.
In the Languedoc Roussillon region, Irstea instigated the ELSA cluster, which it assimilated to the Ecotech-LR platform with another 4 research institutes.  As bearer of the ELSA-PACT Chair, Irstea drives its partners in the ELSA cluster (ENSMA, CIRAD, Montpellier SupAgro, INRA) to participate in scientific developments, supervision and teaching.


Logo Montpellier SupAgro - Vert - Web SupAgro
National Institute of Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences, Montpellier
Carole Sinfort
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Montpellier SupAgro, which offers a wide range of courses, is highly committed, with the Agropolis International research team, in its contribution to the development of research in agronomy. The institution is implicated in the creation of four laboratories of excellence (Labex Agro). It comprises of three experimental agricultural domains, dedicated to R&D, teaching and developing relations with professional partners. The institution develops activities concerned with the transfer of technologies, the “valorisation of knowledge” through research, supporting innovation and the development of businesses and the dissemination of a scientific and technical culture.


 Ecole des Mines d’Alès
Engineering school
Guillaume Junqua
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“The Ecole des Mines d’Alès is a large general engineering school, subordunate to the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and digital affairs. Its mission is to sustain the competitivity of French companies by training “Entrepreneur engineers” able to tackle the challenges induced by industrial mutation and ecological transition, to develop multidisciplinary research capable of adressing societal issues and to promote innovation within industry or through the development of new companies. It was therefore but a natural step for the Ecole des Mines d’Alès to take, being already founding member of Elsa, in 2008, to further become founder academic partner to the ELSA-PACT Chair (“Environmental Lifecycle and Sustainability Assessment: A Pathway to Competitiveness through social & ecological Transition”). Our contribution to this Chair, consisting in co-financing three theses, will enable us to acquire new competencies and know-how, useful to our different missions and to continue our collaboration with the other ELSA partners.” Yannick Vimont, Director for research at the Ecole des mines d’Alès


logoCirad_fr CIRAD
Centre for international cooperation for research in agronomic research for development // French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development
Claudine Basset Mens
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