Conférence SETAC
Rome (Italie), 13-17 Mai 2018

•A midpoint indicator for freshwater resources – Charlotte PRADINAUD
•WSmix: a globally regionalised Water Supply mix framework with current and prospective databases for use in LCA – Susana LEAO
•Towards global regionalized characterisation factors for water consumption impacts on instream freshwater ecosystems – Mattia DAMIANI

•Building a Life Cycle Inventory of stormwater pollutant fluxes: model evaluation for a separate residential urban catchment – Eva RISCH
•Adding the resource dimension to the WULCA framework on assessing freshwater use in LCA – Charlotte PRADINAUD
•Development of USEtox characterisation factors for micropollutants in effluents – Emmanuel MAILLARD

• Animation of asession par Ralph ROSENBAUM : LCIA method developments in a global perspective: Status and outlook.
• Participation to WULCA meeting.

IRTA et Cetaqua
Barcelone, 17 mai 2017

Workshop “Alimentació, agricultura, i aigua: l’anàlisi de cicle de vida com a eina cap a la sostenibilitat” –

Presentation by Susana LEAO

Bruxelles, 7-11 mai 2017
• Pyrène LARREY-LASSALLE : Developing global characterisation factors for habitat fragmentation in LCIA
• Mattia DAMIANI : Linking environmental water requirements to freshwater biodiversity damage at multiple scales.
• Charlotte PRADINAUD :  Including freshwater in the Area of Protection Resources.
• Susana LEAO : Exploring prospective scenarios of water supply mix.
IAIA 2017
Montréal, 4-7 avril 2017
Pyrène LARREY-LASSALLE : A methodology for an integrated LCA-EIA procedure.
SETAC UE 22nd SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium
Montpellier (France), 20-22 September 2016

The 22nd edition of this classic LCA conference is co-organised by SETAC Europe and the two industrial chairs on LCA ELSA-PACT (France) and CIRAIG (Canada) on Life Cycle Innovation for the Transition to a Sustainable Society.
 SETAC montpellier
nantes-headline SETAC
Nantes (France), 22-26 May 2015
4 plateforms
• Pyrène LARREY-LASSALLE : A first step towards the consideration of habitat fragmentation in LCA
• Susana LEAO : Water supply mix: spatial, temporal and user variability at European scale
• Eva RISCH : Impacts of severe wet-weather events: How to account for temporal variability of unmanaged peak flows in an urban sewage treatment system?
• Mattia DAMIANI : Habitat suitability: water use impact assessment for ecosystems beyond counting species
1 poster spotlight

• Prospects by WULCA in the impact modelling of water consumption in LCA, Montserrat Núñez, Philippe Roux, Jane Bare, Christian Bouchard, Anne-Marie Boulay, Cécile Bulle, Michael J. Lathuillière, Manuele Margni, Stephan Pfister, Francesca Verones, Ralpk K. Rosenbaum
2 posters
• Charlotte PRADINAUD : Linking water pollution to impacts on water resources
• Laureline CATEL : Public decision support & LCA: feedback from testing a simplified LCA tool for wastewater systems
LOGI-IM2E Journées des doctorants IM2E
Montpellier (France), 22-23 March 2016
• Susana LEAO : Toward a water supply mix in Life Cycle Assessment
• Mattia DAMIANI : Life Cycle impact of water use through the lens of ecosystem reponses
• Pyrène LARREY-LASSALLE : Combining site-oriented and product-oriented approaches for an enhanced environmental assessment of industrial projects
• Charlotte PRADINAUD : Linking water pollution to impacts on water resources
Logo LCA Forum 2013_100px LCA Forum Discussion n°61
Zurich (Switzerland), 15th March 2016
Pyrène LARREY-LASSALLE : Considering habitat fragmentation in LCIA

 Intervention Pyrene LARREY-LASSALLE
  Rete italiana EXPO 2015
Milano (Italy), 6-7 October 2015
Catherine MACOMBE « In food supply chain: social LCA, what to do? » – “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.
lcm2015 LCM
Bordeaux (France), 30th August – 2th September 2015
Ralph ROSENBAUM « Industrial chairs – a proven collaboration concept and promising perspective for industry and academia to commonly advance science and improve the management of life cycles ».
 présentation sandra2
journées avenir eau Journées « Avenir de l’eau »
Montpellier (France), 26-27 May 2015
Eva RISCH: « Assessment of waste water treatment technologies including their water consumption impacts at endpoint level ».
Barcelone (Spain), 3-5 May 2015

 astee ASTEE
Nîmes (France), 5th March 2015
apc_carre_370_2 Colloque Assainissement durable
AERM, Metz (France), 21st November 2014
social-lca-in-progress-edition-fruitrop-thema 4ème Séminaire International en ACV sociale
CIRAD, Montpellier (France), 19-21 November 2014
4ème ScoSem ACV sociale - Montpellier nov 2014
Lille (France), November 2014
PavementLCA2014 Pavement LCA
Davis, Californie (USA) – 14-16 October 2014
Bâle (Switzerland), May 2014
SETAC 2014
logolowres LCA Food
San Fransisco (USA), 8-10 October 2014
Sandra PAYEN: « Pass the salt please! From a review to a theoretical framework for integrating salinization impacts in food LCA”.
logo_epnac EPNAC
Montpellier (France), 23-24 September 2014
Logo ELSA PACT Launch of ELSA-PACT Chair
SupAgro, Montpellier (France), 24th of March 2014
The ELSA-PACT Chair has officially begun on 25th of march 2014, with all the academic and industrial partners and stakeholders from European Commission (David PENNINGTON), PNUE (Llorenç MILA I CANALS), ANR (Lionel CHOPLIN), University of Bordeaux (Guido SONNEMANN), CIRAIG – International Chair (Cécile BULLE),  WULCA Group (Anne-Marie BOULAY).
IMG_2956 Anne-Marie BOULAY, CIRAIG Représentante de la Région LR


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