Training and Higher Education

Training, as a priority for the appropriation of the results


Our training courses

The training component is an essential one for the inustrial Chair project because it allows the dissemination and appropriation of results.

logo ELSA PACT EN The chair responds to a request communicated by a partner. A training module is then co-designed between the partner concerned and participants,

on the basis of documents and issues specific to the partner.

Training catalogue of the Chair
The fundamentals of LCA
Animator : Ralph ROSENBAUM
Social responsability of enterprises
Animateur : Alain Falque
Fundamentals of LCAe

Research schools

The principle underlying a research school is to bring together doctorate students, research lecturers, experts and sometimes industry professionals to exchange between pairs on a precise topic.
2015   IMG_9538
ELSA In 2015, the Chair co-organised, together with the ELSA cluster, the research school on environmental LCA.
It attracted about 50 participants.
1-3 June 2015, à Saint Martin de Londres (France)
logoCirad_fr In 2016, the Chair will co-organise, together with the CIRAD centre, a research school on the social LCA of the life-cycle impacts.
14 -8 March 2016, in Sète (France)
More information
For the second time, ELSA-PACT has co-orgnanised withe ELSA an environmental LCA summer school which has gathered around 70 participants.
26-28th June 2017, Saint Martin de Londres (France)

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