The Plastic Leak Project

The Plastic Leak Project

Le rapport de Quantis sur les sources d'émissions de plastiques qui finissent dans les océans est disponible

Developed through a multi-stakeholder initiative with 35 organizations, the Plastic Leak Project (PLP) Guidelines provide the first science-based methodology to map and measure plastic leakage across corporate value chains. It provides sustainability managers and corporate decision-makers with the framework for understanding where and how much leakage is occurring and lays a strong foundation for the creation of impactful strategies and actions that effectively address plastic pollution and mitigate key business risks.

The Guidelines’ supporting materials provide generic data for a plastic leakage assessment and the literature review performed to obtain the data.

The PLP Brief was created to give decision-makers an overview of the Guidelines: the challenges that they help address, the business value of this metrics-based approach to building a plastics strategy, the scope of the methodology, and two proof-of-concept case studies from Sympatex and Arla Foods illustrating its application. Learn more about the Plastic Leak Project.

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